Please, Don’t Join This Club

Last week I got a call from a woman down the street who I have met briefly.  She was calling to tell me a woman she knows was diagnosed with the same cancer I have.  Whenever I hear this I always think “yea right, whatever” because it’s never IBC.  It’s always something that sounds like IBC, like invasive breast cancer or inter-ductal breast cancer, which are all bad, but they aren’t exactly the same.  Most people do not have inflammatory breast cancer…..which is actually a good thing.  But this time, I’m sad to say I was wrong. 

Another woman, only 38 has been diagnosed.  I spoke with her on Thursday and by Friday she knew she was stage 4 because her bone biopsy came back positive.  If you want to follow along with her journey, she keeps a journal here:

Many of you prayed me through my cancer journey so I’m sharing this in hopes you’ll do the same for Lori.

And while I’m thinking about it…..if you have been diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and you’ve somehow stumbled upon my little blog, I started a yahoo group that is small, but a good place to ask questions.  Please feel free to join us, but to be quite honest, I’d rather you not, that is unless you have to.  This club is really no fun.

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