Jeremy has let me know that I need a new name for my wound.  I think he thinks it’s a bit gory to call it “the wound” or “the hole.”  “Crater” isn’t much better.  What makes me sad about this comment is that this tells me he thinks it’s going to be around for a while.  So I think he’s trying to tell me to get comfortable with it and give it a pet nickname.  So I’ve been thinking about it today.  When I think of other words that describe a wound I come up with “fissure,” or “lesion,” but neither of those sound any better.   So I did a search on google of pet names and browsed through popular pet nicknames.  I think you’ll find this not only funny, but appropriate.  I’m now calling my lovely wound…..get ready…..”digger.”  Don’t you think that’s so appropriate!  (you are allowed to laugh, I really am getting used to digger)   So from here on out, if you hear me talk about “digger,” you will know it’s my new BFF post-surgical wound.  BTW, I am completely in my right mind tonight and am not on pain meds….lol!

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