A conversation today with my two year old:

Elijah: “Mama, mama, I got a boo-boo.”  (Running up to me and pointing to the little pin-prick of a dot on his hand.)

Me:  “Oh Elijah, I’m so sorry, what happened?  Do you need a band-aid?”  (knowing full well he does not like band-aids)

Elijah:  “Ouweee mama, I bleed’en, I bleed’en mama!”

Me:  “Do you want me to kiss it?”

Elijah:  “yeth” (mama kisses dot on hand)

Me:  “Elijah, at least it’s not as bad as the ouweee on mama’s na-na’s right?” (Elijah looks me in the face, then he looks towards my breasts, then to the site of his wound, and then a smile comes over his face.)

Elijah:  “Oh yeth mommy, my ouweee teenie tiny.”  (as he runs off to play)

I’m so glad I could put it into perspective for him….lol!

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