Egg On My Face

I think the only way I can properly describe the course of events over the past week or so is that I’m wearing “egg on my face.” 

Over the past week when I’ve emailed my plastic surgeon, he hasn’t emailed me back. 

I had emailed him on Monday and heard nothing, then I called and they got me the appointment and when I went to see him I told you guys all about it and how nice he was, etc.  Well I left feeling better. 

On Friday I emailed for the results of my culture.  I didn’t hear anything so I called.  Nothing.  Then on Monday I called again.  This time a nurse calls me back.  We talk about the culture and “digger”.  She suggests I email him another pic.  So I do that.  Nothing again. 

I’m not an angry person, but what I am is an emotional person, especially when it comes to “digger” for some reason.  So I emailed him again, this nice letter about how if he’s too busy it’s totally fine, I’ll try to find someone local….yada yada yada.  What you need to know about Dr. D. is that it seemed really odd that he wouldn’t get back to me, but I was beginning to think I was just really becoming a nuisance to him and he had decided to cut ties.  It’s odd because before last Monday he ALWAYS got back to me.   The Sunday after my surgery we emailed him a picture and he asked me to send him my phone number and he almost instantaneously called me.  So the fact that he was not responding seemed weird to me.  But I also feel somewhat dramatic about digger and how much emotional drain it’s causing me.  I keep thinking….”for heaven’s sake Jen….buck up, it’s not CANCER!”  So I keep going in this emotional circle of “it’s not so bad,” then a few hours later I freak because it’s not at all what I want to see.

Anyway.  Last night I get a call from Dr. D  and here’s why I’m wearing egg.  He responded to EVERY ONE of my emails.  I found them later in my spam on yahoo.  Not only that but I had a pile of emails from other people as well.  So I don’t know what happened.  I use outlook and I had been checking my junk email, but hadn’t thought to officially go and look in spam on my yahoo account. 

So he was super nice as usual.  I feel like a complete idiot!  But once again I’m relieved I am not left stranded with “digger.”  He has vowed to me that he will see me through to the end of this reconstruction journey and for that I am ever so grateful. 

And here’s the really great news that had me flying high last night!  He says it looks great from the picture I sent and he thinks it’s only a matter of weeks before digger (he does not use the term digger BTW… seals and completely heals over!  Even looking at it today I am definitely seeing that it is getting smaller.  

Tomorrow I have my three month appointment with Dr. Liepman.  I am excited to show her the new me!  But as usual, a little nervous because facing these visits always reminds me how fragile we really are. 

And on a very weird side note to my ramblings, I went to pick up my parents at the airport tonight and ran in to my old family doctor, which if you read my blog with any regularity, know that I was deeply grieved when he left in the middle of my cancer treatment.  I was so floored to see him.  I hope he is doing well.  He looked tired still, but maybe that’s because he just got off a plane.  Anyway….I think I told him like 50 times how much we all miss him.  I hope he knows we miss him as much as a doctor as we do as a friend.   I hope he’s happy in Oregon.

And on the way home from the airport I got to tell my mom about digger since she’s been gone for three weeks and all I kept hearing was “infection,” and “gangrene,” and all the other stuff it “could have been” and I’m so glad she’s been off traveling for three weeks in Europe, does not read my blog, and was not here going crazy about me and digger, because it would have made me WAY more stressed….lol!

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