Dressing Up

Today I decided to take the girls to the city with me.  We did one of their favorite things to do:  dress-up.  I had bought another dress (I told you I’m on a dress kick), so I decided to wear it.  The girls went crazy oohing and aaghing over me in my dress.  How good does that feel to have your daughters think you look great!  Anyway…Meleah came to find me later in the bathroom and asked me to hold her.  So I picked her up and she said “mommy, I just want to hug you because you look so pretty.”  (are you crying yet, because I was).  I always remember thinking my mom was beautiful when I was little (she still is), and it has made me sad at times when they hide from me after my surgeries.  They want to see, and then they don’t want to see.   So it feels really good to feel like my daughters think I look nice. 

When we got to Northwestern we were early.  So we got in to the hospital and walked around to find a bathroom.  Can I tell you how wonderful it was that people were staring at me and smiling.  They were looking at us, not in pitty for a woman wearing a scarf.  Not staring wondering wear my chest went.  But looking because WE looked nice all dressed up on the town.  And most of all we looked happy and we were having fun. 

Dr. Dumanian said digger is healing nicely.  I don’t even need to see him again for several months as long as everything keeps going as they are.  We discussed what needs to happen down the road.  I’m anxious to know how digger heals and if it leaves a big lovely dimple on the side of my breast.  I want to think there is something he can do but I don’t know and he’s not very good at the whole “crystal ball”  thing.   I have tried to coax it out of him but he doesn’t budge….lol.  Lipo, botox, you name it….you’d think he could fix a dimple.  I swear I have more fat in my hips and arms he could stuff in there.  Oh yea…..I don’t want any more surgeries…..sigh.  I guess it’s wait and see.  I think this is actually his approach and he’ll reserve judgement till it’s all healed.  I just like to know my options, as I don’t think I have many that don’t involve saline or silicone.


One thought on “Dressing Up

  1. clergygirl says:

    You did look gorgeous that day.

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