My New Discovery

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Remember (how can you forget) how I’ve been complaining about my new “bright white” breasts thanks to the donor site being my lower belly which I guess never saw the light of day.  I think I have my mom to thank for this one since she didn’t allow me to wear a bikini when I was a teenager…  Anyway, I have pondered my options.  First, I have asked my plastic surgeon over and over again if there is anything I can do.  C’mon….with all the beauty procedures out there, there’s nothing to permanantly tan my skin?  Nope, guess not.  So he said go tanning.  I’m not really in to that since I’ve gone through cancer already and my mom has a history of skin melanoma.  So I thought and thought….like all women do about their imperfections and I decided my last option would be a “fake tan.”  Now most of  you know I am pretty cautious about what I put on my skin.  I am a regular reader of a web site called “environmental working group” and I regularly check their cosmetic database for cosmetic toxicity before I buy. 

Of course nothing on the shelves at Target is safe.  I thought a few might be, but then realized they were listed twice in EWG and some of the ingredients had been left off so it looked safer than it was.  But I finally found a product that looked safe, and more importantly, sounded like it worked.   Let me tell you, the sunless tanning products do not have great ratings. 

So I ordered myself a bottle of  “Mexitan Sunless Tanning Spray.”  

I’m pleased to say, that twice a day gives my new breasts a healthy glow….tee hee.  They blend totally naturally and it doesn’t wash off unless you stop using it for several days.  Very cool.  I know this effects no one but Jeremy and I, but it makes me feel better.   Now I have scars but I don’t glow in the dark:)

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