Lumps and Bumps

So I went to see my oncologist today.  I’ve been feeling a bit tender under my armpit and above my right foob.  So the lumpy bumps we felt both above and then right below where digger (my post surgical wound as you may recall) was, are probably hardened pieces of fat, to put it…um…nicely, since they moved my fat north to make breasts for me.  But we’re going to do some ultrasounds just to be certain.  I’m really not worried.  But I suppose worried enough to make it public and ask for a quick prayer if you think about it.  I’m guessing this is just a day in the life of being a survivor.

Here’s what is amusing (mildly) to me is the my ob/gyn office ( the one that put me off when I had IBC and an ovarian cyst), had once again put me off for 6 weeks when I called a week ago for my ob/gyn to look at my new lumpy bumps in my chest.  What!  With my IBC history!  Anyway.  This confirms my theory that receptionists ARE NOT DOCTORS as they would sometimes like to think.  Sorry if you are a medical receptionist, but I struggle with this one.  And just for the record, I have seen my ob/gyn because I pushed and left a message directly for her.  And now I have seen my oncologist.  Nothing like a little overkill, but I just want to make sure that the tenderness and the lumpy bumps really are nothing. 

And, one more thing.  Both doctors said, “Jen, always try to talk directly to me and I will get you in.”  So ladies (and gentlemen, if you read my blog…, advocate for yourself and do not give up if you think something is wrong!

Ok, coming down from my little soap box now…..


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