Sit, Look, and Smile

This is the very reason why I’ve had a picture frame from Ikea laying in my room now for almost two years. No matter how many pictures I take SOMEONE is always misbehaving. Just look at him! I don’t know whether to be mad at him or feel sorry for him. He looks as if he thinks his sisters are the biggest headache EVER! Just wait buddy. They’re not even teenagers.
I really wish I knew how to get everyone to sit still, smile and even sort of look at the camera would work. Am I asking too much? Friends who have five children send me pictures and all I can think is “how many pictures did it take to get everyone to sit, look and smile?”  A true parental feat if I do say so myself. At some point Jeremy usually has to take the camera away because I start all sweet like ….”kids come sit down.”  I have candy for everyone who sits still and smiles for the camera. And then, a second later I’m all like “if you don’t sit still and look at the dang camera I’m going take away all the video games in the house, starve you for a week and lock you in your room.”  And as you can tell this works like a charm every time.


4 thoughts on “Sit, Look, and Smile

  1. donna says:

    It is an exponential issue…the more kids you have the less chance there is of getting them all to look decent in the same millisecond…kinda like the noise factor….each child increases the noise factor like the fujitsu scale 😉

  2. clergygirl says:

    OK…I’m just really bad at math so the exponential thing might go over my head….lol! Maybe this is why I stopped at three. That I understood:)

  3. Kerri says:

    So, what I have found that works best when watching Kelli prepping her crew for a photo op, is to jump up and down like a complete clown, make lots of loud noises until your spouse or the other adult with you actually snaps the pictures! Kids attention is immediately focused on the person making a fool of themselves and then they start to laugh at how silly they look:) Too bad there isn’t someone videotaping the whole picture taking episode!

  4. clergygirl says:

    OK…Kerri…how did you know I was thinking about Kelli when I wrote this….lol! Her pictures are all perfect and she has 6 kids under 6. Now I know the secret. I will jump around like a crazy woman while Jeremy takes pictures. I’ll post them if it works…lol!

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