Cancer Tip: Skip the Wine

People ask me all the time what I do to prevent recurrence.  The two big things are: lots of raw fruits and vegetables, (I also eat cooked, but I always try to have several raw during my day.  And I eat lots that are high in antioxidants like brocolli and any close relative of the broccoli, like Kale or cauliflower.),  And then I excercise at least 5 days a week.  What I don’t do is drink alcohol.  I know, you’ve all heard health benefits, but with a history of breast cancer I stay away from it.  Here’s why.


4 thoughts on “Cancer Tip: Skip the Wine

  1. Amy says:

    One important thing to note, though, is that a perusal of Pubmed indicates that the connection has, at present, been found in estrogen receptive BC. So, while it’s fine to avoid alcohol to avoid that cancer risk, it is unlikely to be associated with double negative or triple negative BC, from what the research has shown. It’s most important in post-menopausal cancers because those are very commonly estrogen sensitive. However, BMI is distinctly linked to estrogen and so that is likely to play a higher risk. It would be just as advisable for BC avoiders to watch out for excess dessert and red meat. I think alcohol becomes an easy target because it’s socially viewed as a vice. However, I’ve been at plenty of potlucks… enough to know that we’ve got lots of vices in our society! LOL!

  2. clergygirl says:

    Hoever Amy, several of my oncologists have told me they believe protien positive cancer like Her 2 begins as hormone related cancer, thus the higher likelyhood of it beginning in pregnancy, lactation and menopause. So I wouldn’t disregard the information because your family history is such.

  3. Amy says:

    It’s not about disregarding it– it’s about using science and the best and latest research along with moderation in most things in life. As you know, I am very physically fit and, while I have no doubt that I (like many people) have genetic and other risks unknown to me for various diseases and cancers, wine doesn’t appear based on all the best research to put me personally at higher risk, overall. I’m talking of all types of diseases.

    But my original comment was not about myself– just about the general idea that one particular “vice” or food or any activity is the one major item to avoid in life for all people. People are all very different, and one person’s high risk is another person’s moderate or low risk. It makes perfect sense to me that a person who had experienced cancer of a particular kind would avoid things tied to that cancer. But the general public has to weigh and measure things… from meat to exercise to alcohol, and make wise choices for themselves.

  4. clergygirl says:

    agreed. I just think we’ve been told wine is good for us and I’m not so sure about that. But moderation is key. And yes, I’m hyper about some things and I really fear fluxuations in my hormones even though I wasn’t hormone positive, it scares me that I got cancer at a time when my hormones were changing.

    I hope everyone enjoys the sisterly banter if you haven’t caught on yet….lol!

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