Hot Chocolate 5k

030I did it!  I ran my first official 5k today in Chicago.  It was the Hot Chocolate 5k downtown.  I did pretty well.  I decided to position myself with the 10 minute mile folks, which was a huge mistake, because after about a half mile I spent the next mile dodging walkers.  Maybe because I ran track and cross-country in high school and college I know the rules of running, but common sense would tell you to MOVE TO THE SIDE if you stop and walk.  My time was right at 30 minutes, but I’m pretty sure it would have been better had I not had to do the dodging.   At about a mile-and-a-half I found a couple girls who were going just a bit above my pace so I decided to stick with them.  One of them fell back a bit, but the other I was able to follow till about the last half mile.  She was good at the fast little bursts around people and I couldn’t keep doing it, so I lost her at the end.  But to the woman with the green Fleet Feet t-shirt (I had plenty of time to read her shirt….lol)….thanks for the pace:)  Anyway.  I got a really fun jacket but I traded my brother-in-law for the sweatshirt which says “will run for chocolate” on the front.  I love it:) 

Here’s my sweaty, tired and happy self taken by Jeremy after the race:)


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