Nip Tuck

I went to the 19th floor of “the castle” as I like to call it. It’s just the Northwestern mega-plex in the city. I don’t know why, but going in to the city always makes me nervous. It’s silly really because I lived in a Chicago suburb for a while and I lived in the city of Baltimore. Maybe it’s the three hour drive there? Maybe it’s the anticipation? Maybe it’s the reason I’m there? I don’t know. But Jeremy came with me this time, and it helped. Although he did tell me I was super chatty….but this is my usual response to nervousness.

So this time I came with a list of questions. What to do about my breasts? I’m happy to say, Dr. D offered a plan. This is very good. Because I need a plan. I very rarely do life without a plan. I like plans. It puts me at ease. Just to know he can try a few more things makes me happy. So on December 14th, he’s going to nip and tuck. (I’ve always wanted to say this….lol). But seriously….he’s going to nip…..or maybe tuck digger. Whatever it’s called….I’m just glad he thinks he can fill it in so there’s no indentation. And he’s gong to lift my breast flaps a bit. I can’t really explain why and wish I could show you how this will help, but I can’t show you, so just go ahead and take my word for it. I really think it will look better.

Then Dr. D had me go take some pictures. I really can say the before and current difference is truly amazing. I’m really surprised he takes my complaining so well because I’m telling you….I look AMAZING compared to my pre-reconstruction pictures.

He’s always such a good sport. He even called me clergygirl today….lol!

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2 thoughts on “Nip Tuck

  1. Kerry1000 says:

    I’m posting this here becuse I don’t know how else to reach you. This is what I left on the discussion board of 20 Mothers with Cancer. Could you please do the right thing?

    I am new here, a mother with cancer, usually I post on with this user name. Recently, Rivka posted on the blog about the barring of Israeli doctors from the Susan G. Komen foundation conference in Egypt. This is an important topic and has been discussed extensively on other blogs, including

    However, Rivka’s post was deleted as ‘unsuitable’. It was claimed to be too political tho this blog posts about even more political topics such as health care reform, etc.

    What is wrong or ‘political’ about posting about anti-semitism?

    I am amazed and outraged about this.

    Please join me in spreading the word about this censorship.

    Please reinstate her post.

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