Never Tire

Last night we had parent teacher conferences.  Meleah’s young-5’s teacher put a turkey on the bulletin board with all the “secret recipes” from five-year olds on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.  Meleah’s recipe is in the picture above.  The recipes from these little five-year olds are really quite funny.  Most of the kids think it takes under five minutes to bake a turkey. Most think you can use a microwave.  A few, have these obscenely high numbers, but none of them really grasp time at this age.  I suppose these latter ones are the ones that see their moms get up at 5 am to put the turkey in the oven.  This is obviously not my child because she thinks it takes a little cheese, a microwave and 15 minutes.  Of course, I’m not sure she’s ever seen me really bake a turkey….lol! 

But you know, I have difficulty telling time sometimes too.  I have a hard time knowing when to be patient and when to plunge forward.  When to sit and when to stand.  When to run and when to rest.  Sometimes it makes no sense to me.  Once in a while God gives me something really clear, like cancer, where I know I need to rest in him.  Running ahead isn’t going to happen.  I just need to wait.  Or my kids.  It’s really clear that I need to give them time, usually because they’re yelling “mom” every 30 seconds.  But the large belly and the mammary glands really gave that one away.  It was a clear sign.

But you know, not all signs are clear.  Do you take a job, do you not.  Do you wait for a decision, do you not?  Do you move or do you go?  I was reading in 2 Thessalonians and I think I’ve decided something.  There is some gray matter here.  But sometimes there is not.

I think God is pretty clear that we’re not to let time slip away on some things.  Like doing good.  1 Thessalonians 3:13 says “brothers and sisters, never tire of doing good.” 

Or loving justice.  Micah 6:8 says this:

“Now, O people, the Lord has told you what is good,
      and this is what he requires of you:
   to do what is right, to love mercy,
      and to walk humbly with your God.” 

The Bible also has a lot to say about patience.  Which is interesting to me. because when I look at scripture in terms of what it says about patience and waiting, it’s always when you’re on the receiving end.  But when you’re the one making the shots, making the decision, you’re not to wait around.  Like in the above verses.  I think when we see injustice, we’re not supposed to just wait around.  When we forgive, we’re supposed to do it…..and although sometimes it does take time, God really doesn’t ever describe forgiveness in the Bible as something we should do when we feel like getting around to it.  We need to do it as soon as possible.  Justice is the same way.  When we know what is right and we look away, it’s sinning.  Pure and simple.

I’ve had some tough decisions to make lately.  Something happened to someone and I chose not to step in.  Well, I did, but only partially.  I still haven’t figured out the “right” way to deal with the issue, but I know I need to say something, to do something.  I need to love justice and I need to respond.  To not respond is to ignore the goodness of God. 

What things are you letting slip by that need a “just” response?  We like the gray sometimes.  It’s a safer place there.  It’s easier than stepping out and taking risks.  But Christ doesn’t call us to be comfortable does He?  He calls us to grow weary (never tire) with justice and he doesn’t expect us to wait till we feel like it or everybody is comfortable.

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One thought on “Never Tire

  1. Becky says:

    This is so true!! thanks for the reminder today–I needed it too.

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