It’s my birthday once again.  Strange how I used to dread them like that horrible “poof” they give you at the optometrist when you know it’s coming and you really don’t want it so you flinch and pull-back with every movement because you just know it’s coming.   And it doesn’t usually hurt, you just THINK it’s going to hurt…lol!

I don’t dread it anymore.  I might feel a twinge of something when I’m 40, but I’m still south of that, so every year, every birthday reminds me I have one more year:

with my family,

with my kids,

with my friends,

to eat pizza and ice cream,

for long runs on warm evenings under a fire-ball sky in the summer,

to walk on the beach at Lake Michigan and watch the sun set,

to feel angry,

to feel sadness,

to see my Dad’s second book get published,

to love work,

to hate work,

to work through stressful situations,

to find reconciliation,

to encourage someone,

to make a mistake,

to cry,

to make love,

to get annoyed,

to empty the dishwasher,

to worship Jesus on a Sunday morning,

to sleep in,

to stay up late,

to watch another chick flick,

to have another birthday. 

Sometimes I fail to remember, when I get caught up with the business of life, that life is not down the road, but here and now.  My birthdays always bring me back to the present.  They are my reality check.  And I am so grateful to have another year.

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2 thoughts on “38

  1. Amanda Wiegand says:

    Thanks for the reminder to slow down and appreciate the everyday moments of our life – in the moment. I am giving birth to a new little life tomorrow. I will try to take time to appreciate the moments around his birth and not get caught up in the craziness of adding another to our family. . . He missed having the same birthday as you by just one day.

  2. Bette says:

    Thank you so much Jen – this is amazing and oh so true!

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