Why 2009 Was WAY Better Than 2008

There’s a song out there with lyrics that basically say “I struggle with forward motion.”  And in 2008, that was the story of my life.  Sometimes I felt like I was having out-of-body experiences…..looking at myself from a distance.  Other times I just felt like I was walking around in a daze.  My kids could say something and they would have to call me 3-4 times before I would answer.  Sometimes that still happens and my daughter Charis has taken to clapping her hands so I’ll hear her….and we wonder where her ADHD comes from:)  So this year, 2009, has been a year of rebuilding and moving forward again.  So I thought I’d give you 10 reasons why this year has been so much better than 2008:

10.  Anything would be better than 2008.  I was 36.  I had the worst kind of breast cancer one can get.  Then they found another softball size mass in my other breast.  It was as if my breasts were the main characters in a horror flick.  Stage 4, then stage 3 (whew).  Weaning my precious baby boy, chemo, mastectomies, and radiation.  Frankly, I don’t even like to think about it….ughhhh.  Let’s move on to number 9.

9.  I was brave enough to take a class towards getting into a nursing program.  These kind of steps are really important after cancer in my opinion.  There is a tendency to feeling more fearful and stepping out of comfort zones to try new things are important to rebuilding confidence.  Trying something new is always a good thing.

8.  Boobs.  I have them.  Enough said.

7.  Charis turned 8, Meleah turned 5 and Elijah turned 2.  All of them a celebration of life and I was so happy to be a part of it.

6.  I was offered a job.  It was nice to feel like someone believed in me.  Thanks Pastor Mark and those that were my cheerleaders.  Here was another help towards getting life back to normal after cancer.

5.  20 pounds less of me.  I like there being less of me, and I have my dear plastic surgeon to thank for smoothing things out.

4.  I started running again after a 10 year hiatus.  When I finally ran 2 miles without stopping I was so stink’in proud of myself!

3.  Some good down-time.  A two-week trip to Florida with my kids for some much-needed relaxation and a short trip to Kentucky with my girlfriends which usually involves gabbing, gabbing and more gabbing, which somehow is so therapeutic to my feminine soul.

2.  Getting an A in my class.  What a relief that chemo in fact DID NOT kill off as many brain cells as once thought.  Shoot….I can’t use that excuse with Jeremy anymore!

1.  NO more cancer.  this one is a given.  I know, so boring.  I wish I could be more creative with number one, and heaven only knows how many times you guys have read “no more cancer” but it really does make life much better.  I like being cancer free.

I hope if 2009 was as rotten for you, as 2008 was for me, that 2010 is year of  hope, strength, rebuilding and forward motion.  May you feel God’s presence today and throughout 2010.


One thought on “Why 2009 Was WAY Better Than 2008

  1. Becky says:

    Number 1 gets the vote for me too, Jen. It does seem trite, but tears immediately came to my eyes and started to spill over. I understand….it makes for a good year! Happy 2010!

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