Minor Crisis

I was called out of church on Sunday to attend to my little Meleah.  I hate to admit it but I almost always think they’ve been naughty.  I will place the blame squarely with Charis, my eight year old, because she had a biting issue that lasted from the time she could crawl till she was well into her three’s.  Nothing I did worked.  And trust me, I tried it all.  Finally I started reading her a book called “Teeth Are Not For Biting,” and somehow she got the point.  But not until after she had been kicked out of the nursery for several months and yes, she did bite her preschool teacher on the first day of class.  I can laugh about it now, but my mom was with me on the first day of preschool and I sat on the sidewalk by our car and cried while she went back in to retrieve paperwork I had forgotten.   And you can imagine how this looked for me as a pastor…..pastor’s kid getting kicked out of the nursery.

Trust me, we tease Charis about this.  But only a little. 

So Meleah never gets in trouble and is a little angel for everyone but me, but I still thought….”oh crud, what did she do now!”  I feel bad about this, because I really wish my first thought would be like other moms….like “what has happened to my baby.”  Even when the school calls home I don’t think “are they ok,”  I think “what have they done!”  Does anyone else think this first or am I the only one….lol!  My second thought is usually, “are they hurt,”  but this is a definite second to “what did they do.”

So I found Meleah, and she’s with Miss Tiffany, and Meleah is in tears.  Tiffany is very calm but she warns me she’s been hurt but she stays very calm.  Miss Tiffany knows my Meleah well.  She will, without a doubt be a basket case if she thinks she’s bleeding.  So Tiffany and I carefully look at the wound and I hold Meleah.  Meleah is asking to look in a mirror.  I didn’t get a very close look at it, and I was a little scared to because the cut was just above her ear, and there was a part of me that thought her ear had separated.  So I held her and Tiffany went to get a friend who is a physicians assistant so he could assess our need to go get stitched up or not.  One look and he said yup….small but deep.  He told us they would probably use glue.  But I should tell you, the ear was not separated, so it wasn’t like it was hanging there or anything….like I had imagined when I first looked at it.

Because Jeremy is such a big softee with his girls, he wanted to take Meleah, and she wanted him to take her.  And quite frankly, I didn’t care to hold her while she screamed every time they looked at it, so he took her  to the ER. 

When she gets home, she’s so proud of her battle scar from her tiff with the wall (she ran in to a wall while dancing with friends).  She is very careful to follow EXACT directions from the doctor.  We are not allowed to touch it.  She is careful not to get it wet.  Even tonight when she got in to bed she asked Jeremy which side her wound was on so she could lay on the other side.   Meleah is very much our cautious and conscientious child. 

And all I have to say is….so small, so well glued, she won’t be able to locate that scar in a few weeks….I am so jelous =)

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3 thoughts on “Minor Crisis

  1. Joya Jett says:

    You are not alone in the initial reaction being oh no what did she/he do? My heart sinks and my brain goes right there whenever I receive those calls. That said, most of the time they have done nothing wrong so that is indeed the good news!

  2. clergygirl says:

    Joya! I feel like I know you? Are you from Brockport….lol! I’ve moved a few times so it might be someplace else??? Thanks so much for checking my blog!

    • Joya says:

      Yes, I am (well was we moved into Henrietta) from Brockport, and have been following your site well since I found out about it. My husband Jim and Jeremy played something (basketball I think) together and Jeremy hurt (I am pretty sure) his knee. Anyway, I pray for you and follow the blog, always uplifting!

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