30 Days of Girl Crush

In recent days I’ve decided to be more purposeful about writing thoughts from my own study of the Bible.  I’ve had a sort of hap-hazard way of writing my spiritual thoughts, but I’m going to try to get more organized.  So I’m going to attempt to write devotionals with specific topics for 30 days.  This will not mean I write every day on this topic, although I hope it doesn’t take me a whole week to write one.  I’m hoping to have one up every few days.  But, I plan to write 30 posts on a given subject. 

So I’ve always wanted to look deeper at some of the women of the Bible.  There are so many to study, and so often their participation is overshadowed by the men in their lives.  Their contribution to the Bible is often times amazing and mind-boggling, and I for one am far too often willing to skim right over and not really take note of how they felt, and what they did.  Their trust and faith in a God they had never seen, only experienced….it’s amazing!  Valuable lessons and information for me to grab hold of in my own life.

So in my ever so un-conventional way, I will be starting “30 Days of Girl Crush” starting tomorrow.  Yes, it will be Biblical, and no, it is completely non-sexual….lol.  If you’ve never heard of a “girl crush” before….here’s a good definition:  “a girl crush is when a girl admires another girl in a way that is not sexual. This ‘crush’ is usually very-short lived and it could be due to a number of reasons including the physical appearance of the girl, talents, personality etc.”

So you’ll never guess who I’m going to start with?  Here’s a hint:  She gets blamed for everything.  Poor woman, one little bite and she’s gone down in history as nothing but a trouble maker. 

So join me tomorrow, and you just might have a “girl crush” too =)

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