Snow Day

At 7:00 am I love snow days. Jeremy comes in and turns off the alarm and I get a few more minutes of sleep before Meleah climbs in to my bed and squirms and coughs and makes little sounds because she’s wide awake and doesn’t want to go out in the living room by herself. So then Elijah starts to wake up and starts his ritual of playing with my ears. I would love this except he starts to get really in to it and pulls super hard so I have to keep swatting him away. And by noon I begin to wonder why I was looking forward to a snow day because:
A. I didn’t really get to sleep in.
B. Even as I speak I am breaking up some fight.
C. I have to constantly think of something to do.
D. My middle child won’t leave me alone till I go outside with her.

So today we made Valentine’s cookies. I hate making sugar cookies. If it requires a cookie cutter I am usually not all that excited. I’m really a spoon and plop kind of girl. Or better yet, plop it in a pan and bake it into bars kind of girl.

But today we made frosted Valentines cookies and I will have to say the frosting is divine. I make a wicked sour cream frosting with lemon juice and lemon flavoring instead of vanilla. I’m a huge lemon fan.

Thought you might enjoy seeing our snow day cookie making party. Lots of licking going on.

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