Your Opinion Please: All clergy, or anyone that wants to share a thought!

24,000 women under the age of 45 will be diagnosed this year with breast cancer.  When women have breast cancer under the age of 40 it is almost always invasive and travels faster.  A woman’s survival, if diagnosed under the age of forty is less than a woman who is post-menopausal.

Community was really important during my breast cancer journey.   I’m working on a book and one chapter is focused entirely on the benefits of  Christ-centered community.  So I’m throwing a question out to all my twittering, blogging and facebook pastor friends.  If a young couple came to you (and I’m focusing more here on young mom’s with small children) and she had been diagnosed with cancer and was going to be going through a long year of treatment, and she had no significant community in her life, what would you tell them and what could your church offer them?

No right answer here….and tell me honestly if your church has nothing to offer.  Super short and super long comments accepted!

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2 thoughts on “Your Opinion Please: All clergy, or anyone that wants to share a thought!

  1. Kimberly Darnell Brown says:

    I am not a pastor nor have I been diagnosed with cancer, but I have witnessed what God and the support of a church family can do. As your MIL I saw how God carried you through your journey. I witnessed the power of prayer in your life and the importantance of the support of your church family.
    The first thing I would do is tell this couple about your journey and how the prayers and support of your church family helped you at a time when you were desperately in need of all the support of those around you.
    We call those who go to our church “family”, but I don’t believe a lot of us really understand the concept of this until we are truly in need.
    I would explain to this couple what it is like to have a church family. It has been my experience that a church family will offer unceasing prayer on your behalf, and you can never have too many prayers. They will also shower you with support by giving of themselves, cards with tender words of support, calls just to let you know someone cares, a visit to see if you need anything, ( This is when one begins to realize that those people you see in church every Sunday, many you know only through a passing glance, are truly family). They will anticipate your needs, in ways such as bringing your family dinner throughout the week, child care when you need to go to treatment or your just to sick to take care of them, house cleaning also and lets not forget prayer, a lot of it. These are just a few of the ways you will know they care.
    A church family doesn’t expect you to pay them, or return they’re generosity and they will never mention all they have done for you. Everything is done because they are following the example Christ has set before them and it is with a loving Christian heart they will gladly help you in your time of need.
    As I said earlier, I have not been diagnosed with cancer, but I have certainly been in desperate need and through my need God has shown me what it is like to have a church family. I have also witnessed the importance of a church family/community throughout Jen’s journey. They will walk with you with a glad heart through whatever journey life takes you on.

  2. Joya says:

    Not a pastor, just someone who has experienced hospitalizations and surgeries, both my own and my children, at different times (seasons if you will) in my life, prior to accepting Christ and post! I would share the importance of developing first your relationship with the Lord and then your relationships with others. I would tell my story of the difference a Sunday School class or a Small Group can make in ones life. The experiences are completely and utterly different. It is not coincidence that the experiences without Christ and a church community were much more stressful and tumultuous and the ones with Him though still stressful bring Joy into your heart when you recall the kindness and care provided by others!

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