The Cure for Acne

My three year old was cuddling with me before bed last night and he discovered my zit.  Now, to give you some background in to how we have handled the breast cancer and mastectomies and all the surgeries with our kids is to tell them mommy’s “nana’s” were sick.  They had an ouwee and the doctor had to take them off.  So here is the conversation about the zit (which I have been battling ever since my hormones kicked back in after treatment… I can say I’ve been to menopause and back thank-you very much….lol!)

Elijah: “What is this Mommy?” (concerned and picking at the same time)

Me:  “It’s an ouwee Elijah, don’t pick at it” (pushing his hand away)

Elijah:  “oh” (trying to pick some more, looking at it closely) “There’s another one”

Me: “Thank-you Elijah, I have a few.”

Elijah:  “Mommy, maybe you need to go to the doctor and have him cut them off.”

Me and Jeremy:  (Laughing and looking at each other)

So I guess what we have taught our children is that if it’s sick and it’s an ouwee, you may as well go to the doctor and have him/her cut it off.   He made it sound so simple.

If only a zits and cancer were really that easy to treat.

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