Black Bean Brownies

Yes, you heard that right.  Black bean brownies.  Someone told me about these back when I was on the Daniel Fast.  I was intrigued.  Jeremy groaned.  He isn’t very fond of me adding vegetables to a dessert and beans, well, that is just too much for him to comprehend.  I do this quite often so at some point he will adjust.  Not sure when, but someday soon I hope.  I like being a sneaky chef.  I do it so my kids will eat more vegetables, but I also do it for my husband and myself, because quite honestly, I like food, but I don’t like empty food.  I love feeling like I’m fighting cancer with the food I eat.  So I’m going to start telling you about the happy food I eat that is also good for you.  How’bout that!

 Black Bean Brownies:  With sugar here, and with agave here.  I’ll be honest, the agave is going to be better for you because agave is unrefined and natural.  But it’s also expensive.  So I made the sugar one with less sugar and made it with half agave. 

Here’s why these are so good for you (and tasty too!)

1.  Black beans are loaded with antioxidants!  They are considered a antioxidant superstar along with grapes and cranberries.  The darker the coat, the higher the antioxidant level!

2.  Fiber, fiber, and more fiber: black beans and other beans are useful foods for people with irregular glucose metabolism, such as diabetics and those with hypoglycemia, because beans have a low glycemic index rating.  So eat your chocolate and sugar with black beans….what a plan!

3.  Black beans have cholesterol lowering fiber.  You know what to do with those brownies then…..dig in!

4.  Here’s something extra special, and near and dear to my heart.  I ate two when I read this:

“A study published in Food Chemistry and Toxicology suggests not only that black beans may help protect against cancer, but that whole foods naturally contain an array of compounds that work together for our benefit. When researchers fed laboratory animals a 20% black bean diet to see if it would cause any mutagenic or genotoxic activity, not only did black beans not promote cancer, but a clear reduction in the number of pre-cancerous cells was seen, even in animals who were simultaneously given an agent known to promote cancer, the mutagen, cyclophosphamide.”

Have I given you enough reasons to make black bean brownies as a treat?  I hope so.  And do tell me what you think.  I love sceptics!  And if you’ve read to this point…..yes….it was a thumbs up for Jeremy!

*health info from whole foods web site.
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5 thoughts on “Black Bean Brownies

  1. Hubby says:

    U do a great job of keeping us healthy & fed right. It is tasty stuff & I am gr8ful. Just try not to sneak zuccini into the chocolate chip cookies this year :~)
    Luv u

  2. Amy D says:

    Ok. I will not EVER make brownies with vegetables in ’em–lol! I do, however, admire people that do (like yourself)! I’m just a VERY loyal fan of traditional sweets!

    But I want to thank you for posting this because I LOVE black beans. I make mexican food a lot and black beans are ALWAYS a side dish–like once or twice a week! Even Eavan will scarf ’em down (all on their own). Now I feel all smart and healthy!

  3. clergygirl says:

    c’mon Amy! Just try it. I swear, they are super goey and yummy. They are better if you let them sit for a few hours. I swear you can’t tell there’s anything nutritional in them! Please…please try’em!

    • Amy D says:

      you can’t make me! 😛

      If I come to MI this summer, though, I’ll give you a shout. If you HAPPEN to have some laying around I’ll try one!

  4. Chris Phillips says:

    What an awesome idea! And gluten-free to boot. Definitely going to try this! Keep posting your ideas on facebook.

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