Waves of Fear

Waves crashing.
Beckoning me to come.
Loud and frightful,
Loud as thunder,
first I watch.
then I wait.
I admire.
Then I tease,
like I can,
as if I have control.
It teases me back.
I run.
The waves catch me,
it feels cool,
So I tease again.
The water tickles my toes.
This time I let it,
welcoming the cold.
Choosing the uncertainty.
Allowing the waves to cover me,
just a little.
Amazed that I can withstand the fear
of being so close,
to something so majestic.
Something larger than words can describe.
I won’t run from this fear.
I will welcome it.
Embrace it.
Reminding me of my frailty.
Reashuring me of my existence.
Chasing me.
Teasing me.
Releasing me.
Back to the ocean,

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