“Liep-ing” Tall Buildings with a Single Bound

There was no bone scan today.  Yesterday I arrived home to an answering machine message telling me there was a “global shortage” of isotopes.  Not to be confused with isotones…..those are slippers.  An isotope is a radioactive nuclear medicine they inject in to you so your bones will glow like this

So they needed to reschedule with me.  Lovely.  I wasn’t anxious about this scan till the drive home yesterday from our vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I was good and ready to get it OVER WITH!  I was not happy.  I have to prepare myself for these scans.  I have to reason with myself as to why it is better to inject myself with radioactive material than to ignore a problem I would frankly LIKE to ignore.  Canceling my impending “radioactive injection” is not kind.  Whoever makes isotopes needs to hire a few more people.  Sheesh!

So I called Bronson to reschedule.  They couldn’t get me in till Friday.  So I called Borgess, the other hospital here in Kalamazoo.  They decided they could get me in on Wednesday, but I would be bumped if they ran low on isotopes.  I don’t like to use my cancer card, but I was pretty sure since this request was coming from my family doctor and not my oncologist they were not aware of my history. 

So I emailed my oncologist.  When all else fails, email Marcia Liepman.  I swear, she is superwoman in disguise.  Seriously.  Just uttering her name strikes fear in the hearts of men.  OK, I’m just kidding.  She doesn’t have that much power.  Only enough to “liep” small buildings with a single bound.  Hmmm…..maybe it is the other way around.  We should ask her husband.  Either way she is my amazing hero.

To make a long “he said, she said” story short, my appointment is on Wednesday.  It is “firmly” placed at noon on Wednesday.  I’m pretty sure I will not be bumped thanks to the lovely word “Liepman.”

So if you feel like saying a prayer for me, Liepman can “liep” buildings, but God can move mountains. 

I’m trying to keep busy as usual.  I’ll keep you posted.

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4 thoughts on ““Liep-ing” Tall Buildings with a Single Bound

  1. spruce hill says:

    Uh! I know how you feel! My scan was postponed because they failed to tell me to fast and I had to wait two more days! Sending prayers your way that the wait will go fast!

  2. Becky says:

    ummm…yeah, that is not kind! so glad that you have a doc who will do that for you! saying prayers that all is well!

  3. I LOVE Dr. Liepman for just that reason!!!! She’s the best! And GOD will sustain you through these tests!!!!

  4. Kim Brown says:

    We are praying for you!

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