Freak Out #11

Cancer HAS NOT spread to the bones.  Just thought I’d blurt it out right away.

Sometimes I feel like singing it. 

Most of the time I just feel such a sense of relief that I could just weep.  A good long cry for all the stress that’s been building up the past few days.

I want to thank everyone for putting up with my little scares here and there.  I suppose this is the life of breast cancer survivorship and I best get used to it.  I don’t necessarily like worrying friends and family, but I do count on you for prayers.  So thanks for checking my blog once in a while and putting up with my facebook updates.

Still don’t know how I fractured a rib under my armpit, but that’s ok.  It will heal.

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3 thoughts on “Freak Out #11

  1. Angela Carman says:

    Soooo glad to hear! And I welcome the opportunity to support you in prayer. Anytime! (Though I wouldn’t wish more scares on you!) Take it and run, girl! You are cancer-free today! YAY!!!! 🙂

  2. Kerri says:

    PTL. What a relief. Glad to hear all is well!

  3. Karin says:

    Sighhhhhhh. So thankful to hear this great news! 🙂

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