Well, I need to apologize. For some reason I’ve been in a writing slump. I’m not sure if it was the busyness of vacation or believing I had bone mets that kept me uninspired, but I think I’m unslumped.

I liken it to sex for women. If we go for too long without it, it’s like we forget how to do it. We wonder if the mechanics even really still work. I won’t claim to know what men experience, but I really think this is true for women. And true for me when it comes to writing. The longer I go the more I slump. And to take this one embarrassing step further, I need both in my life. It’s not good to go too long without. Both are amazing stress relievers….you should try at least one of the above recommendations. One would make your husband very, very, um very happy indeed. Especially if there is a slump involved.

But I have some posts milling around in my head. But if YOU have a post milling around in your head for me, I would appreciate the inspiration as well.

Seriously, something to do with going through breast cancer? A question about the Bible. I’m your gal. Inspire me.

(And Jeremy….do not comment on this one because I KNOW you would be ever so willing to inspire me!)

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2 thoughts on “Unslumping

  1. sande says:

    Kind of funny you mention sex (what is that??). Well, I was at the doctors today and she was setting me up for a bone density test. She tells me, “There’s nothing to it, you just lay there”. I said. “Oh, just like having sex, eh? You just lay there and sweat.” I dont know why it popped out of my mouth (Not an uncommon thing for me to say but with the appropriate people and not a stranger!!!), but we laughed and laughed.. and she said most definitey!! Ha Ha Ha. I know this probably wont reach your page but you just reminded me of a time today that I was able to get a real good laugh in.
    Thanks for letting me comment!!!

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