Surgery #4

It’s just me. Coming down off the excitement of driving over to meet with Dr. Plastic at Northwestern today so it’s late and I can’t sleep so I’m updating. I’m scheduled for round 3 (that’s 1 mastectomies and 3 reconstruction surgeries) on May 10th. He’s going to fix the right side that for some reason is not cooperating. It’s left over from my mastectomies so it’s really to the right of my breast. He’s also going to do a new procedure called fat grafting to increase my size. This means he’ll take fat from my thigh’s and move it to my breasts. (no offers please, he has plenty from my thighs to work with). It’s really amazing what the serious plastic surgeons are doing these days.

Since he’s also world renowned in his hand/arm nerve work, I asked him about the neuropathy in my arms. (he’s known for reattaching arms with feeling and for work with prosthetic arms with feeling). I have an increasing amount of numbness in my arms and hands. It doesn’t hurt, but is annoying. I’m so glad I asked him because he thinks I can get help through physical therapy. It may be reversable. It’s probably another side-effect of radiation. Gosh, I just love all the radiation side effects. Can I have a “do over.” I’m pretty sure I would refuse radiation. Ugh!

Hopefully the fat transfer will work the first time, otherwise there will be a second try. I know, you are all wondering why I do this to myself. Here is why:
A. I want everything in me to be me. I’m already screwed up so adding something else potentially screwy to my system scares me more than surgeries.
B. I want to be bigger. I’m sick of feeling like I need to apologize for feeling like I want to be the size I would normally be had I not had cancer.
C. I can. They have the technology, I have the fat. Put a great doctor in the mix and whamo…a new me.
D. Once the fat takes, it’s there for good. No rupturing, leaking, replacing. I’d like to grow old with set of breasts #2.

That, and I have a really nice day to myself. I’m starting to look forward to my trips over to Chicago. No kids. Trader Joe’s. A few stops at Starbucks. A stop at Michigan City Outlet. I come home a happy girl.

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3 thoughts on “Surgery #4

  1. Pam Babcock says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I will keep you in prayer and put May 10th on my calendar. I hope the physical therapy does what is needed and more. Never been to Trader Joe’s but I’m twenty minutes from the Outlet. I work on forgetting that fact. Great deals when I need them though.

    May love, joy and peace be with you in abundance.


  2. lisasmith says:

    Hey there! First let me say again, I love your blog =)
    And now, let me ask you a question if you don’t mind… I’ve searched your site and see that you mention your experience with radiation. Making a long story short here… I’m scheduled to start radiation (30 treatments) in two weeks. Everyone keeps telling me it’s a “piece of cake” Anyway, could you tell me a little more about your experience and give me any advice when you get a chance. I’m praying I won’t have any side effects… Your experience would be most appreciated. Thank you.
    I’ll be praying for you too!

    • clergygirl says:

      I’m going to write a blog here in just a moment with your question. Radiation was scary for me too. I’ll tell you about it.

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