Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

I’m on my way to Chicago for my 3rd surgery. It will be a smaller less invassive procedure. Dr. Dumanian is going to fix up a little spot that is not cooperating on my right side.

But the really great thing that he’s going to do is liposuction my hips to move the fat to my breasts to even them out and give them a little more umph. Pretty amazing stuff that you don’t even need implants anymore, you can just transfer fat! So as long as my fat doesn’t mind being relocated to my breasts this should be my last somewhat major surgery. My body could decide to absorb the fat….joy…but that isn’t likely since he did a little last time and it worked.

I’m stoked for this surgery. I feel totally confident in my surgeon. I feel like we’re old pals now. Not like the “deer in the headlights” grief-stricken breast-less self-esteem shot young woman he met last February. He’s had a major part of my physical reconstruction as well as my emotional. He always promised he’d see me through the end and he hasn’t wavered in that.

So today I feel like a mother, and a wife and a woman, and tomorow when I come out of a hazy drugged fog I will be the size I was before cancer and I will have hair and it will feel good to be feminine and me, with a little smaller thighs:)

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