Kalamazoo Tent Drive For Haiti

This is easy.  Super easy.  If you were like me, back when the earthquake lambasted Haiti, I felt helpless.  I saw the pictures, but nothing felt like enough.  For several months I’ve wanted to do a Tent Drive.  But the only place I knew to deliver tents for delivery to Haiti was in Atlanta, and I don’t have a truck.  But a few weeks ago I learned of an organization right here in Michigan that is filling a shipping container to send to Haiti in early June. 

So with the backing of my home church, Portage Free Methodist Church, I decided to plan my own local tent drive.

The tent drive will be at a super cool TENT supplier here in Kalamazoo called LEE’S ADVENTURE SPORTS, (next to Meijer on Westnedge.)  It’s actually on Cork near Westnedge, right across from Big Lot’s. 

Friday, May 28th from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday, May 29th from 10 am to 6 pm

Memorial Day Weekend (and the begining of camping season) is the perfect time for:

A.  You to admit that you never liked camping to begin with, and dig out that old tent from in the basement. Or,
B.  Get a new tent for 10% off at Lee’s when you donate your old tent.  That’s right, 10% off a new tent with a used tent donation!

So here’s why it’s super easy.  You really don’t even need to have a tent to help out the more than 700,000 who are still homeless in Haiti.  You can simply help us pass the word.  Encourage your local church to announce it, tweet it, facebook this blog page, tell your friends, make a phone call, send an email.  It’s so easy to help.  You may not have a tent but chances are, someone you know has a tent and they aren’t using it and would be glad to give it to this cause.

Last night I slept in a warm bed, I ate dinner with all my family members.  I can’t imagine what it’s like in Haiti to be homeless and alone because half of your family died in just a few short devastating minutes.  You really can make a difference.  Right here in Kalamazoo.


One thought on “Kalamazoo Tent Drive For Haiti

  1. Hubby says:

    I’m so proud of you Sweets. Keep this great work going. Luv U.

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