Viva La Femme Friday: Crystal Renaud

(This post is not suitable for children under 18)

When was the first time you saw porn?

Jeremy and I were having this discussion in the car the other day about our first experiences seeing porn.  I remember the exact gas station and who I was with.  I don’t recall how old I was though, but I think I was pretty young.  I wouldn’t have known there was such a thing but my friends father had magazines they had discovered and told me all about them and we all laughed and giggled trying to sneak peaks at nudity.  My second memory of porn was seeing videos as a teenager at the same friends house.  This friend had absent parents to say the least.

I don’t know how you feel about porn.  But here are some statistics XXXchurch lists about porn:

  • 4.7 million Americans visit porn sites in an excess of 11 hours per week.
  • 24 million Americans are classified as sex addicts
  • There are 260 million pornagraphic images on the internet
  • Porn often leads to illegal activities and health issues
  • 1 in 6 women struggle with porn addiction
  • 8% of men are sexually addicted

I remember as a teenager being so curious about sex.  Sex wasn’t a very open topic in my family, so when the opportunity came to watch it in video, I’m pretty sure I jumped at the chance.  I’m sad that my first experiences with sex were the images that will forever stay in my head. 

Sometimes I wonder what sex would be like without those images? 

Would it matter to me less about what I looked like naked?  Would I be as obsessed with my reflection post-mastectomy?  What would I have thought was sexy if I had never seen those images?

I dunno.  I won’t ever know, because those images are seared in my head.  I can’t remove them.

I don’t know what the draw is to porn.  I’m not sure if it’s as much sexual as it is the desire to be needed and loved, or to connect deeply with someone. But I do know it’s:


                                                            dEVALUEING wOMEN, mEN aND cHILDREN.

                           gROWING rAPIDLY bY tHE dAY.

And even though it seems to be a guys issue, it’s really not.  

That’s why this Friday’s Viva La Femme honoree pick is a woman who stepped out of her comfort zone to bring this issue to the light.  Women are visual too.  I know this comes as a surprise but it’s true (not to my female readers but to my male).  I heard a crazy study the other day that said women are basically turned on by any visual act of sex.  The study sited that how women are turned on is still a mystery, as is how we go in to labor, but that women were turned on by anything involved in sexual activity.  I’m not going to try to find this study for you since it would pull up some scary things, but you get the picture here.

We are visual.  Shoot, we love to dress in pretty colors, style our hair, decorate our houses.  What numbchuck said women weren’t visual?

Dirty Girl Ministries was founded by a young woman named Chrystal Renaud, who first saw porn at the age of 10 when she saw a magazine in her brother’s bathroom.  After that, she couldn’t get enough.

Now she’s helping women who meet regularly at Westside Family Church in Kansas and she has a website with resources and  a forum for women who don’t have help in their own local area.  She’s also available for speaking engagements.

Crystal is my Viva La Femme pick this week for being oh so brave to come forward with her own struggle and addressing an issue that desperately needs attention. 

Thank-you Crystal!

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3 thoughts on “Viva La Femme Friday: Crystal Renaud

  1. Crystal Renaud says:

    Wow, thank you so much! Blessings to you.

  2. Crystal Renaud says:

    Wow, thank you so much! Blessings to you. I thank you not only for featuring my ministry, but for addressing this usually taboo topic. Not many are willing to put it out there, so thank you so much.

  3. Hubby says:

    Great post sweetie. I don’t think you meant to use “Numbchuck”. Is that a frigid Charles or an over-medicated side of beef? LOL.

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