Comical Covers #1

Our church library has been cleaning out books and they’ve set up a table for anyone who wants to take them.  I was looking through the books last Sunday and I found myself running to Jeremy with several covers because they were so hysterical, I just needed to laugh with someone.  So I’ve decided to start looking in used bookstores for albums and book covers for some comic relief before the 90’s.  Here are a few albums to start with: 

Is it Christian? Yeseree. Let's make sure everyone knows it by putting it three times on the cover. And don't you worry, "Praise.r.cise" is not tainted by any Olvia Newton John mumbo jumbo. Only CHRISTIAN here.

Just the name here makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure the record labels now would make him change his name. And I can almost guarantee they would ask him to stop dressing like Jesus.

Peek-a-boo, I see you. I loved Evie when I was little. I would fall asleep listening to her on my little plastic record player. But she's so dang cute. Just love'in the bowl cut.

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3 thoughts on “Comical Covers #1

  1. Kim Kopec says:

    Well I love the first one – you should totally send that to “Stuff Christians Like.” I think for the second cover, they would definitely let him keep the name these days, but it would be Uncle Hooker or Papa Hooker. Good stuff Jen – needed a good laugh today!

  2. John Hnath says:

    I guess I am just too old, ’cause I don’t see anything funny in any of these.

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