Comical Covers #2

Jeremy says this one isn’t that funny because it’s a Lawrence Welk. But I beg to differ. What is NOT funny about a man in short pants, knee high socks, a floppy bow-tie and a little “Sound of Music” Hat, in front of a little red school house? Agree or disagree. (if you disagree you may have watched too much Lawrence Welk in your youth.)


6 thoughts on “Comical Covers #2

  1. John Hnath says:

    I don’t think it is “funny”. Yes, it seems a bit odd today, but just because it isn’t something I personally care for I see no reason to call it “funny”. Perhaps we have different connotations we associate with the word.

    • clergygirl says:

      I’m not really laughing “at,” but “with.” maybe one of these days I’ll post some pics if myself in the 80’s. Just having fun with it. I’ve probably been hanging out at “stuff Christians like” and “Jesus needs new PR” blogs too much. Sorry it’s not very funny for you. Just trying to find more light hearted humor. Not trying to be mean tho.

    • clergygirl says:

      Btw, I loved Lawrence Welk when I was little.

  2. Kim Brown says:

    I think it’s funny! I loved Lawrence Welk and grew up watching his program on Saturday evenings. However, even as a child I can remember thinking some of the costumes worn by the singers looked totally ridiculous and this is certainly one. Thanks for the chuckle and the memory.

  3. Carol Hnath says:

    I love Lawrence Welk, but I agree that some of the costumes are pretty funny. I wonder how the people felt wearing them as they performed?

    • sande sawyers says:

      I thought it was funny, Jen, and I grew up with the real deal… then years later, I had to put up with the reruns while playing cards with my parents, LOL. Some of the costumes they wore back then and hairdo’s are were just amazing.. Amazing that they would agree to wear them.. .LOL
      I think that Hairdo’s of the 50’s and 60’s would be a hilarious subject to do. LOL.. just dont ask me for pics… OMG.. I curled my own hair in 4th and 5th grade for my school pic(in the 60’s).. what was my mom thinking!

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