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Gideon: “The Lord is With You Mighty Warrior”

On Saturday, a dear sweet little boy at our church was diagnosed with leukemia.   He’s the same age as Elijah.  Just three.  (And as I wrote that I remembered that Elijah and Gideon were dedicated on the same Sunday as well!) I feel like so many of you were my prayer warriors.  You prayed me to complete healing, you drove out the cancer with your persistent prayers.  So I want to ask if you’d pray little Gideon to full and complete healing as well.  His mommy and daddy are Tom and Amanda and he has a big brother named Brody who all need prayers too.   They are tired and scared and in shock.  My thoughts are never far away from this family as I re-live those initial days of my own cancer diagnosis and my heart aches for them.

In the next 24 hours they will be finding out what type of leukemia Gideon has.  There is one type that has better outcomes, so please pray that, after such a big blow to their little family, they can see a little bit of light in this journey.

Go here to follow updates on this sweet little boy.

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More than a Coincidence

Last week I was shopping in Meijers.  As I was leaving I saw a woman with a bandanna on her head and I decided to approach her.  She had a little girl with her and I guess having just gone through cancer I wanted to connect with her and encourage her.  We chatted a bit and she told me she had lymphoma and had recently had a recurrence.  As I left meijers I had a good cry.  For lots of reasons my heart hurt for her.  For how tired she looked, for her little girl, for hearing the word “it’s come back.”  I wanted to do more to help her but I had a peace that I should just pray for her. 

The next day I had my three month appointment with my oncologist.  I had to bring my crazy kiddos with me.  We walked (no exploded….lol) out of the elevator on the third floor and I could see the girl I had met the night before at the grocery store sitting in the waiting room.  Crazy.  I of course went up to her.  You could tell she was a surprised as I was.  I had this very calming presence like this was way more than a coincidence!  I left her with my name and phone number.  I hope she does get in contact with me and I can support her in some way.

Would you pray for her.  Her name is Jennifer too.  She doesn’t look a day over 25.  She looks so young.  And they are deciding if she should have a bone marrow transplant which she seems quite scared about.  I’m praying for a miracle in her life.  Will  you pray with me.

Pray For Mitch

I’m pretty confident that your prayers saved me.  I have constantly felt bathed in prayer through this whole process.  You all prayed and God heard.  So I’m going to ask you to pray for a young man battling leukemia.  I don’t know a whole lot about him but I heard his situation just yesterday.  I looked for a blog site but I couldn’t find one.  I did find some youtube videos of his story and a blog entry from his dad.  His name is Mitch Thomas and he is the son of one of our Free Methodist Bishops, Matt Thomas.  He is only 28.   Please pray for a miracle with me.