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Viva La Femme: Anne Jackson

What is about women’s ministries and tea?  Seriously.  Every time I turn around there’s another tea.  We drink tea at mother’s day gatherings, morning brunch, afternoon, and when missionaries are coming.  If I were a missionary I’d be tired of ladies tea’s.  Having to travel from church to church and tea to tea to raise support.  It’s probably not at all how it is, but it just seems like every time a missionary comes to town we have another tea.  Are we envious of the English and their tea?  That’s their tradition, not ours.  Seriously.  When I’m out and about, I don’t stop for tea and crumpets.   No, I stop for a Starbuck’s or Biggby coffee.  And on occasion, I splurge and buy an iced Americano.  None of that weak sugary tea stuff for me.

So when it comes to speakers, I want someone to speak straight to me too.  Don’t give me fru-fru, weak tea, way-to-happy-for-your-own-good kind of speaker.

I’m an eggs, bacon and tall coffee kind-a-girl.

So here’s who I want at my next Ladies Bacon Fest….eww, that sounded so bad I had to keep it.  Not that I’ve ever heard her speak, but I’d really like to.  I started following her blogs and tweets a while back.  Her name is Anne Jackson and her blog site is flowerdust.  Girlie and serious all at the same time.  She’s written several great books called Mad Church Disease and Permission to Speak Freely.   She writes transparently on subjects like marriage, sex-trafficking and leadership.  Right now she’s out biking around America for Blood:Water Mission….somewhere….I think I last saw her tweet from Texas.  Just thinking about biking EVERY DAY makes my bum hurt.

I’m thinking she wouldn’t mind a ladies tea right about now is she’s on her bike in Texas in JULY, huh? 

Is it just me or are women’s ministries obsessed with tea?

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