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Just Hair

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? photo
















On Thursday I came home from a long day at the leadership summit to find my sweet Melly Bell’s hair chopped once again.  This will be the third time in the past year that she has taken scissors to her hair.  I was not pleased.  I said “Melly….what did you do to your hair.”  These words drew immediate tears.  Her hands went to her face and she turned and ran away.  I am not proud of the spew that seeps from my mouth once in a while but I was pretty angry.  When she came back a few minutes later I let her have it.  “Your hair looks terrible!  Why do you do this?” 

Right now, I’m not really caring if I hurt her feelings.  I’m angry because my cute little girl is going to start young-5’s in less than a month and by golly she is going to look cute if I have to make her miserable to do it!  What is the teacher going to think with chopped bangs and a big chunk out of the side.

And just so I’m justified…..I kept thinking….this is the third freak’in time she’s done this!  She knows better!

“I’m going to give you a buzz cut like Elijah if you do this again!”  (I think I threatened this last time, I can’t totally remember….but I swear I’ll do it!)

So Jeremy takes her in-side to have a talk with her and gets some scissors to even out the mess.  He had to basically cut a huge angle across her bangs because there’s no way we can cut it up to where the shortest hairs are. 

This will take months to look even.  I’m so miffed at her.

Next Day:

So then, somehow, my oh so wise husband catches wind that the neighbor girl is the one who cut her hair.  WHAT!  There are so many reasons this makes me look like a horrible person and not at all Christ like….at least for a few moments….until I catch my bearings.

I announced to Jeremy that we need to march right down and tell her parents.  Thankfully Jeremy has the good sense to tell me to cool off. 

I take a deep breath.  I remember that, even though the neighbor girl is two years older, it is still quite possible that my 8 year old could pull something off like this as well. 

Forgive Jen, forgive Jen, breath deep Jen.  It’s just hair!

Melly admitted later, as did the neighbor girl, (Don’t worry, Jeremy did all the talking here)  that she brought the scissors to our house and “tried” to cut Meleah’s hair and it didn’t work.  Yeah right it didn’t work….lol!  So she said they tried to even it up.  They did a great job now didn’t they.

Once again, I have received the mother of the day award for my excellent handling of the hair situation and I have had to once again be reminded that things aren’t always what they seem.  And thank goodness my dear husband stopped me from marching down the street because…well….it is just hair.

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