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Hangnail Drama Queen

I do feel a bit like a drama queen.  Thanks to all who graciously sent words of encouragement through my freak-out episode with the hangnail.  I’m happy to report it is much better.  Here’s what happened.  I emailed my oncologist.  We emailed back and forth and I sent her a picture.  (Gotta love technology).  She said if it got worse over the weekend to call her immediately.  But she wanted me to soak it in warm water with epson salt several times a day.  Well, we were busy through the fourth of July weekend and I really didn’t want to call and bother her, but the nail bed started turning green.  Gross huh.  Green.  My friend Mary was like…..Jen…what’s up with you and infections….lol!  So I decided on Monday I would call and go in.  BUT, on Sunday night when we were over at a friends house, the blister or whatever was under the skin must have burst on it’s own and all this yucky stuff oozed out.  Lovely….are you sufficiently grossed now.  Anyway….since there was an opening I could then soak it in hydrogen peroxide.  SoI did that several times last night and put neosporin over it and this morning it looks much better and feels much better.  The swelling and heat is gone and most of the redness too.

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Freak’in Hang Nail!

I know there’s a song out there that says “rainy days on Mondays always get me down,”  I need a song that includes “grey, cold, rainy days, in early July with fears of lymphedema and big surgical wounds that won’t heal.”  Is there something out there like that.  Ignore me, I’m having a down day.

I may need a little advice.  So you ladies who have had lymph nodes removed from your arms speak up.  Last week I did the unspeakable for someone with lymph nodes removed.  I chewed on a hang nail and ultimately ripped it off.  It hurt really bad when I did it.  I remember thinking “why the heck did I just do that.”  But it still didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t a good idea in light of my missing lymph system.  So here I am five days later and my finger is hot, red and swollen.  It also hurts.  A lot.  I finally put some neosporin on it yesterday when I noticed it was getting this way.  It also dawned on me that this was probably not a good thing considering my medical history.

So I’ve been tooling around the internet and of course I’ve gotten myself worried.  Here’s an article that says seek medical attention now.  And here’s a lovely little story about how a hang nail turned into cellulitis

I do not feel achy.  My arm is not swollen.  I see no red streaks yet.  Oh, but I’m a watch’in. 

That, and which freak’in doctor do I call?  My oncologist?  My surgeon?  My new family doctor?  I can see it now…..”um, yes, I have a hang nail I’d like you to look at.”  Yea right, they’ll be get’in me right in.  I don’t have much hope in receptionists these days. 

Has anyone had experience with this and do you have any advice for me?

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