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Viva La Femme Friday Pick: Jenny Simmons (Give-away too!)

I don’t buy many CD’s.  There’s a story behind that statement, and so, of course, I’ll tell it.

When I was in college I bought CD’s, because, well, frankly, I only really had me to worry about.  For the most part my spending money went to entertainment and clothing.  Then I went to seminary.  I didn’t have as much spare change, but that was alright because shortly after I arrived I landed a really cool job as a Christian music festival director.  Every week I was sent, not one, but several CD’s in the mail.  I was newly married and Jeremy and I spent weekends tooling around Kentucky getting front seat and back stage passes to any concert we wanted.   It was a very fun job.  

After leaving seminary and my cush gig with the festival, I had to wise up.  Shortly after that we started a family and the extra spending money was cut drastically.  Sometimes I’ll hear a song I really like on Home FM, my favorite radio station, and I’ll try to sing it to Jeremy.  I’m not sure why this is but he knows virtually every song ever played.  He usually can’t figure it out, not because he doesn’t know it but because he can’t figure out the tune from my singing.  So then we’ll be riding around town and I’ll hear it come on the radio and I’ll scream, “that’s it,” and he’ll go “oh, yeah, that’s such-n-such.”  And that’s how it is.  Me, tracking down my favorite tunes.

But thanks to this article in Christianity Today I was introduced to a great band that I’ve fallen in love with.  Addison Road.  So today, for my “Viva La Femme Friday,” I’m going to feature Jenny Simmons from Addison Road.  After hearing about some of her experiences in the CT article I decided to poke around and see what I could find about her that would make her a good choice as a woman doing good things for Jesus.

I didn’t need to look far.

I went to her blog.  You might want to check it out for yourself.  A blog post in particular really stood out to me.  You’ll need to read it for yourself.   But get ready.  Once I started reading, I wanted to keep reading.  At some point I may need to pop a bag of popcorn and curl up in front of the computer to re-read all of her old posts.  I appreciate her heart and her sincerity.   Her compassion for young women.  I’m not sure, how she possibly see’s the details in life, with her busy schedule, but she does.  And I appreciate the thoughtful reflections in her blog and in her music.

So I’ve downloaded Jenny Simmons with Addison Road on to my iphone and they are my new running companions.  Here’s where you can listen to some of their music if you’d like.  Their latest CD, titled “Stories,” was released just recently on June 22.

And BTW, if you are one of my Michigan readers, Addison Road just so happens to be playing in Graying at the Big Ticket Festival TONIGHT at 5 pm, so you might want to check it out!

So for a little fun, I thought I’d give-away 2 of the new “Stories” CD’s by Addison Road.  Here’s how you can be entered in the drawing.  You just need to comment on ONE of my blog posts between now (today’s post) and next Wednesday’s post (June 30th) at midnight and you will be entered.  You can comment on each of my posts (there will be three….Monday and Wednesday too) but you will only be entered once per post (up to three times). 

Good-luck!  And thanks Jenny for your heart and ministry!

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