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For You.

Blessed are you who just took a major blow with a cancer diagnosis and are in absolute shock right now. 
You will experience incredible peace.
Blessed are you who are experiencing a total loss of innocence and life seems like it is careening carelessly out of control.   
You will find stable ground.
Blessed are you who respond with an unbelievable amount of dignity and strength.
You carry a light.
Blessed are you who are waiting for the results of a test, or a scan, or to find out the cancer is gone. 
You will feel an overwhelming calm.
Blessed are you who know what it’s like to be physically deformed or worse yet, are waiting to be physically deformed.  
You will find acceptance in yourself and love from others.
Blessed are you who take care of your children even when you’re sick from chemo, or radiation, or just emotionally drained from cancer. 
You will find strength.
Blessed are you who feel the sadness and the darkness closing in all around you.                                  
You will experience His loving presence.
Blessed are you who is facing surgery tomorrow, or next week, or next month. 
You will be courageous.
Blessed are you who return to radiation day after day even when you absolutely dread the idea of being burned one more time. 
You will face down your fears.
Blessed are you who just found out the cancer is back.                                                                
One word: “hope.”
Blessed are you who are incredibly angry with God right now.  
He is listening and it’s Ok.
Blessed are you who don’t know if you’ll make it till tomorrow. 
He will carry you today.
Blessed are you who are in an incredible amount of pain.  
You will find comfort.
Blessed are you who want to run and hide. 
You will feel embraced. 
Blessed are you as a survivor, learning how to live post-cancer, trying to move on, but getting stuck along the way.
You will be inspired.
Some time ago, many years ago in fact, some Bible translators got together and had difficulty translating the true meaning of “blessing”  from the original language in the Greek (makarios) to mean “happiness.”  This translation is such a travesty for us in a profound way because truthfully, being blessed probably has a greater amount of clarity in suffering.  And no one can say suffering equals happiness, no matter how much we try.  With all that Job went through, I can’t imagine he was happy.  So here’s my take on being blessed, and here’s why I can write every one of the above statements:  I am blessed because of the simple fact that Christ walks with me, every day, every hour, with every horrible diagnosis and through the darkest hours of my life.   I felt incredibly blessed through my entire cancer journey, but I also felt an incredible amount of strength and comfort.  His gift, his blessing, to me was His constant love and presence in my life.
(Taken with an “obscene” amount of liberties from the Matthew 5 passage of the Beatitudes.)
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