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Picture Day

I always dreaded picture day in school.  Waiting to see how the picture actually turned out and if you’re smiling with your eyes open.  And then all the other girls gathertogether to analize each others pictures while there you are with a “half-drugged” look.  Oh yeah…..and then you get to cut them up and write cute little messages on the back…..

I still dread picture day…..only now I get it every five days with radiation.  Every five days my radiation takes three times as long and I can’t move while they align me, take pictures and then treat.  The reason they do the pictures is because by law it is required just in case your body changes drastically in five days.  Weight gain, loss, etc.  This was my third time and It was almost unbearable.  My left arm has decided it does not want to stretch above my head and immediately looses circulation when raised. 

Today the techs did not want me to put my arms down, but I finally had to.  I just did it.  Then we had to re-align……ugh….radiation is no fun.

I will not be reordering extra copies of these pictures…..

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