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Update on Digger

Well, I’ve been quiet about digger lately so I thought I’d let you know how my post surgical wound is doing.  Sometimes I think it’s not healing at all, like it’s just stuck and not progressing like it should, but there’s a definite sign that it is healing, albeit slowly.  My sign it’s healing is that I don’t need to stuff as much gauze in to the hole.  That, and my hubby and my friend Gwen who is a nurse look at it every once in a while and say “wow” that’s really doing well!  It’s those comments that remind me it’s headed in the right direction.  I remind myself that it has gone from the size of a quarter and an inch and a half deep to the size of a dime and only about a half an inch deep now.  It also has gone from smelling like a garbage dump to smelling like a hospital.  Really weird, but yes, like medicine or something.  It just reminds me of a hospital.  I suppose this is from the saline and gauze I use in it.  But it’s not a smell I really care for.  But I’ll take smelling like medicine over garbage dump any day….lol!

I’d like it to heal completely so I can swim this summer, but I’m afraid the sealing part of this wound recovery is still a few weeks away.  Oh well, at least it’s getting better.

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Yesterday I drove to Chicago for my visit with the plastic surgeon.  My friend Mary came with me.  It made the trip much more enjoyable.  I’m glad she was with me because the doctor did a little picking and it freaked me out a bit.  I had this big scab on the inside of my right transplant.  He keeps reminding me this is the result of not taking muscle from my belly.  So he announces “we’re going to take it off.”  So I say….”you’re going to do what you’re not supposed to do and pick a scab!”  I guess I hoped he would hear my expert opinion and leave it alone but he continued to get his utensils gathered up….and before I could ask “is it going to hurt,” or scream for that matter he had ripped it off.  Why do surgeons do everything so dang fast!  Don’t they know I need time to PROCESS what it about to happen! 

Anyway.  I decided not to look and I knew the visual would be pretty bad.  I announced when I was going to look and then I looked.  Then I told him how absolutely disgusting the big hole was in my chest and I announced to him, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to cry now.”  Choking back tears and trying not to pass out because of the one inch gaping hole in my inner chest I asked him what he was going to do with it.  Well, he says it’s going to heal all on it’s own.  I’m questioning that, but all I can do is wait and see.  I suppose if it doesn’t look good he’ll clean it up.  He said he would a while back so I hope that’s his plan because right now, it’s pretty darn gross!

On the positive side, my dear friend Mary (who has had the similar tram flap) reminded me that some people’ s entire breast transplant doesn’t take and can you imagine that with your whole breast?  She’s right.  It doesn’t seem that bad I guess.  And she kept me busy chatting on the way home so I didn’t have to think about the cavern in my chest. 

Dr. D also said I was the winner of the least seen patient after a DIEP flap surgery.  Meaning…..I’m healing extremely well and have been a low maintenance patient.  That makes me feel better.  He did scold me for trying to run already.  So I guess I need to hold off a few more weeks.  He said three months, but I’m thinking three weeks and it will be OK:)

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