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Viva La Femme Friday: Hannah

When I was younger, my pastor nabbed me for ministry.  In my teen years, when I was busy planning and organizing events for my youth group, I’d drop by his office to ask really deep theological questions.  He was the first to begin planting seeds that I should consider being a pastor. 

So last summer a friend of mine contacted me and told me how her 4th grade daughter has decided she wants to be a pastor.  I love it.  I was more concerned with my bright white roller skates with big puff balls and groov’in to “We Are Family” by the Pointer Sisters in 4th grade than I was with sharing my faith.  Sure, I invited my friends to church, but because it was fun, not because I thought they might like Jesus. 

What can I say, I was a late bloomer.

Not Hannah.  This girl has it together, I can tell.  A few days ago her mom contacted me again, to tell me that Hannah was STILL talking about being in ministry.  So this wasn’t some passing phase.  And not only that, who needs to wait till you’re an adult to really be in ministry?  Not Hannah. 

Her mom sent me this interview about an organization Hannah has started called “Hannah’s Hope.”

You need to listen to this interview.  Seriously.  Please.  (Then you can hear how mature and cute she sounds)

(Hannah’s interview on Way FM)

Here’s what I love about Hannah.  First, she’s cute as a button. 

Second, she reminds me that you don’t need a degree, you don’t need lot’s of money, you don’t need to be 23 and you don’t need a fancy seminary degree to spread the message of Christ’s love for us.

And so, for my Viva La Femme Friday pick, I choose Hannah. 

And would you do me a few favors? 


write a comment here to encourage Hannah in her passion for ministry and spreading the message of Jesus.  And,


Keep your eyes open for young girls in your community that show leadership and passion for Jesus, and encourage them to consider serving Jesus in whatever capacity they feel called.


Encourage your church leaders to make sure our young women see older women in leadership roles, including praying, singing, preaching, decisions making teams, children…anywhere, and everywhere. 

Yay Hannah for encouraging my spirit this week!

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